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BrickPlayer is a custom client for Brick-Hill with improved graphics, performance, and several other features missing from the official client.

Please keep in mind that BrickPlayer is in early beta, and I am unable to supply quick updates due to a busy schedule. If you encounter any issues, please report them in the Ty Development Discord server.


Q: What games are supported?

A: Any game should theoretically be supported, however BrickPlayer is still in early beta so issues may occur.

Q: What platforms are supported?

A: BrickPlayer is available for Windows, and will soon be available for macOS, Linux, and Android.

Q: What extra features are there?

A: Clothing, working shapes, and server resource packs.

Q: Why doesn't the play button do anything?

A: The launcher is currently bugged and looks in the wrong folder for BrickPlayer. The workaround is detailed in the #faqs channel of the discord server.

Installation Instructions


Download this random zip file and extract it somewhere. Then, run the BrickPlayerInstaller.msi file. This will install the BrickPlayer launcher, client, and protocol.

Next, install the extension for Chrome or Firefox (thanks to Dragonian!). This will allow you to join games from the site.

Finally, find a game on Brick-Hill and there will be a second play button that launches the game in BrickPlayer.